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FAQs on Community Organizing

1) What are the strengths of CO


  1. It generates immediate success thereby encouraging people to further their actions; it makes people realize that they have the capacity to change situations, that they have the power to make things happen.
  2. It immediately breaks the culture of silence, encouraging people to speak out or articulate what they think, what they feel about matters that affect their lives; it enables them to challenge the oppressive structures and build alternative thereof.
  3. It is usually successful in building critical, self-reliant, creative grassroots organizations.
  4. As an approach for empowering people, it is relatively simple and can be learned easily by anyone who has the drive, the perseverance, the dedication and commitment to do mass work, although initially, one may need supervision from experienced organizers and trainors.
  5. Openness to experiment- openness to varied experiences and theories coming from other parts of the world; openness to try out, adopt, modify methods proven successful by other groups and willingness to adjust.
  6. It is rooted in the community – wherein an organizer goes to the people where everyday problems occur. It is in these issues where CO work is sustained, leading eventually to the building of a PO which continues to work on community problems.


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