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FAQs on Community Organizing

10) But what is CO?

A: Community Organizing (CO) is also defined as:

  1. A process of bringing about and maintaining adjustment between social welfare needs and resources in a geographical area or special field of service (Dunham, 1958).
  2. The mobilization of force around real or created conflict in order to force communication and movement. Controversy is used as a tool for organizing strong citizen-based groups which can affect the decision-making process. Through such means, citizens are helped to become articulate, informed and politically active and to exercise their collective influence at the point where decisions are made (Ronnow, 1965).
  3. A process by which a community identifies its needs and objectives, develops the confidence to take action in respect to them, and in so doing, extends and develops cooperative and collaborative attitudes and practices in the community (Ross, 1967)


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