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FAQs on Community Organizing

4) What are the Principles of CO

  1. Start where the people are; don’t end where they are – let the people decide
  2. Begin with small and simple issue and work towards bigger and complex issues
  3. Popular education and intensive leaders training
  4. Participation in political activities-major part of the work of empowerment is the ability to influence the political life of the community you work in
  5. A vision is to guide the social change process – it will be difficult for the organizing process to have a meaningful change in the community if there is no clear vision. The difficulty is that sometimes, those who have a vision try to impose their vision without taking into consideration the people’s vision. It is important to say that the vision is there to guide and what is important is to listen to the people and let them decide.
  6. People’s organization must have a system and structure so they can work in an organized way.
  7. Works with alliances and coalition, not one organization or coalition can make the necessary change in a community so there is a need to work together.

The principle of conflict confrontation and conflict resolution processes- Conflict exist in all countries – conflict does not only mean people fighting – it also means there is an oppressor or injustice.


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