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FAQs on Community Organizing

6) What have been the lessons of CO in the last 25 years

  1. Integration of gender in CO – when we say, the women’s perspective and their rights is part of the organizing process not just the mere formation of a women’s group. Thin of action’s impact on women and their situation.
  2. Sustainability of PO especially sharpening analytical skills and negotiating skills – understanding the global impact
  3. Integration of ecological sustainability in CO work – look at waste and industrialization in the light of sustainability
  4. Need for people-directed economic activities.
  5. People-based culture-drawing from positive traditional values
  6. Link with technology sector/people to strengthen people’s solutions i.e. housing models, waste management, etc.
    (This is a collective reflection of people doing work in communities. Sustainable cities is anchored on empowered sustainable communities)


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