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  1. Capability Building and Enhancement of Community Organizers and People’s Organization through:
    • Training courses on community organizing
    • Customized consultancy in community organizing for POs and NGOs requesting training
    • Establishment of Community Organization Learning Centers (COLCs) in various parts of the country (Mindanao, NCR, Souther Tagalog, Cebu, etc)
    • Partnerhsips with Pos and NGOs in organizing communities around critical issues
  2. Capacity Building of Multi-Stakeholders
    • Enhancing PO and NGO capability in engaging the government, business sector and international agencies for sustainable policy and program development
    • Peace and development capability building programs focused on culture of peace community organizing, organizational development and human resource development towards a tri-people approach to development n Mindanao
    • CO orientation workshops for allied professionals like urban planners, architects and engineers, government officials and others
  3. CO Networking and Capability Building
    • International solidarity work and capability building
  4. Research and Documentation
    • Participatory case studies on pivotal organizing experiences
    • Collection of significant information on community organizing and related topics

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