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CO Multiversity Video Documentary

Capability Building
Running time 33 mins
(Filipino with English subtitle)

“ASKI should consider the people as genuine partners who make their own decision and agenda and work for the development in their community.”

CO Multiversity provided Alalay sa Kaunlaran Inc. (ASKI) capacity building training for a sustainable community driven development. The 18 month project aimed at enhancing the capacity of ASKI, both as an institution and its Community Development (COMDEV) staff of 7 persons to conceptualize, implement and manage on a strategic level community development vis-à-vis its microfinance program. It was implemented in 8 poorest barangay classified as belonging to 5 th class municipalities.

Running time 15 mins
(Filipino with English subtitle)

A documentary that highlights the organizing work of CO Multiversity among communities affected by the government's project dubbed as Pasig River Rehabilitation Program. On site development is the ideal arrangement for the people living along the river, “…poor people developed these ugly places, now that it is developed the government wants to claim it from us!” The people believe that it is not forcible eviction and demolition that should prevail. They assert that government should consult and include them in the river development program. The people came up with their own People's River Agenda that continues to be updated and improved. A People's River Summit held in 2005 was held where the agenda was presented to the public.

Globalisasyon: The Struggle of the Filipinos
Running time: 20 mins
(Filipino with English sub-title)

The documentary depicts the advantages and disadvantages of globalization as experienced by the common citizen. The documentary aims to exchange on ideas and suggestions towards a systematic action of the basic sectors, other stakeholders in the decision making and policy making processes that has impact both on families and communities.

Running time 20 mins
(Multi-linggual with English subtitle)

“Peace that comes from within creates harmony.
Peace that comes from without breeds contempt.
The architects of peace are the builders of peace that comes from within.
The victims of war are the victims of peace that comes from without.”

CO Multiversity's community organizing experience in Barangay Chua is unique. There were community issues that the people could work on since it was a post conflict area, strong support of the MNLF zone commander, and a tri-people context (Lumad/Indigenous people, Muslims and Christian). Brgy. Chua is a micro situation in Mindanao where CO Multiversity implemented the CO Principles in a tri-people context. The continuing success of peace and development in the community is being replicated in other communities in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) making them zones of peace.

Parawagan- Community Organizing Towards the Progressive Elimination of Child Labor in Quarry Sites
Running time: 23 mins

This documentary film captures the significance of community organizing in the progressive elimination of child labor in the quarry sites of Montalban. Leaders developed in the process of organizing were able to engage the local and municipal governments in availing services for their community and those of their children engage in child labor. Various NGOs were tapped to provide support services for the education needs of the children and livelihood and other microfinance skills for their parents. ILO-IPEC funded this project.

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